NGO The Bridge operates in Cambodia for more than 20 years together with the Cambodian partner organization Spie-en  (Cambodian for Bridge).

The work is done in Cambodia by Cambodians only. The initiative of all projects comes from the villages who need help. They make plans, prepare the projects and participate with offering land and labor. The Bridge / Spie-en pays (mostly) just for the cost of the materials. If necessary Spie-en will provide emergency assistance, such as in floods.

With the aid projects it is important to help the target group and prevent corruption as much as possible. In Cambodia this is only possible through knowledge of the language and culture. In all areas there is a good cooperation with local authorities. These contribute actively to the work and they are proud of the results in the area.

The Dutch executive board visits Spie-en at least two times a year. In Holland The Bridge is working with only  volunteers and in Cambodia with more than 110 volunteers and 3 office permanent employees.

Vision and Mission
Cambodia is a very poor country because of years of wars and conflicts, in recent years the AIDS epidemic came in. Within this country there are motivated Cambodians who want to rebuild their country and fight poverty. They deserve the support of foreigners in areas where it is needed. In the reconstruction of the villages this means mostly financial aid and assistance in the field of management. NGO The Bridge will provide this by establishing a cooperative friends-relationship with the local organization Spie-en. Because the projects are implemented in close cooperation with the population itself, these will contribute to restoring confidence and get over the the war misery (post traumatic stress disorder).

NGO The Bridge want to operate on the following principles:
Helping helpers help

  • small scale projects with a lot of participation of the villagers
  • attention to the poor and forgotten groups of people
  • a preference for those areas where they can cooperate with local Christians

Because the villagers set the priorities, the projects are of various kinds:

  • rebuilding schools,
  • construction and repair of infrastructure (wells, roads, bridges and culverts),
  • construction and repair of irrigation projects;
  • building houses for widows and disabled people,
  • development of health care and
  • small income-generated projects.

In 1999 we started a project for people living with HIV and AIDS and since 2002 we have a foster care program for orphans. In all these projects NGO The Bridge wants to support the activities of the villagers. They do this respecting and cooperating with the legal government of Cambodia.

NGO The Bridge in the Netherlands works from a Christian motivation.
NGO SPie-en in Cambodia works with Buddhists and Christians.

This is the only page translated in English. When you need more information, please contact us by mail at or by phone +31642880317. (Jenny Hamhuis)

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